La Guerrera Vengadora

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Foreign Movie: 1988
IMDb BD Rating: -

Also known as: The Avenging Warrior Lady


Beautiful Rosa Gloria Chagoyan is a woman seeking revenge. Trying to lure the bad guys to her, she does so wearing some sexy outfits that compliment her tight shapely legs, including; a jean mini-skirt with nude pantyhose, 'Daisy Duke' style denim short-shorts with nude pantyhose, black leather mini-dress with glossy smooth dark beige pantyhose and in one scene we see her in a black lace/satin negligee (Leotard style) with glossy smooth suntan pantyhose. There are other girls in pantyhose seen throughout the movie, as well as a disturbing rape scene where a girl gets the top of her sheer beige pantyhose cut with a knife.

Pics & Videos

Scene 1: pic1 pic2 pic3 pic4 pic5 vid1 (4.9MB)
Scene 2: pic1 pic2 pic3 vid2 (10.7MB)
Scene 3: pic1 pic2 pic3 pic4 pic5 pic6 vid3 (9.2MB)

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